Animal Husbandry

The animals displayed at Oman Aquarium are wide and varied, ranging from fresh and salt water fish species, reptiles, birds and insects found in the Arabian desert.

Oman Aquarium has a dedicated team of professionals that tend to the needs of these wonderful creatures. The aquarium’s animal husbandry team are responsible for feeding the animals, maintaining the aquarium, water chemistry checks, species identification, disease diagnosis and treatment, and many other tasks. Oman Aquarium produces its own live food for our in-house animals. Our aquarists make sure that each and every animal in over 60 different exhibits, including our sharks, rays, turtles and penguins, is dealt with utmost care and attention to details. The aquarium also has a state-of-the-art quarantine facility for new arrivals to the aquarium family, animals under treatment and new-born babies. We have successfully bred Arabian chameleons and our own white specter crayfish at the Oman aquarium.

Oman Aquarium is also part of a turtle rescue initiative in partnership with the Environment Authority of Oman- by proving a holding facility for injured turtles.