Interaction with Penguins

Oman Aquarium has a colony of 11 African Penguins: 6 Females and 5 Males, and are also known as Black Foot Penguins. However, they are commonly referred to as “Jackass” because their gawking sounds are similar to a donkey’s bray, and unique to each individual penguin.

African penguins originate from the rocky South-Western coast of Africa, and are an endangered species.

Penguins at our Aquarium have a unique name given to them by their keepers in Africa!
Though they all look very similar, each penguin has unique spots on their stomach, like our fingerprints, that helps us differentiate between them.

African penguins are natural predators who mostly hunt fish, and are fed three times a day at the Aquarium. Their favorite is the Sardine fish and each penguin consumes an average of 3 to 8 Sardines a day. In this immersive experience, you will get the opportunity to observe closely as the penguins are fed by our trainers. Be sure to wave to our monochromatic pals!