Reading Enthusiasm workshops

Immerse in a world of storytelling with the reading workshop. This package includes the reading of books which will help kids use their imagination and also learn important lessons along the way!


Young Explorers Workshop

Join us on an oceanic adventure as sailors like Captain Ahmad Bin Majid! The young sailors will encounter creatures from different habitats and learn to distinguish between various species.

The workshop will have different zones dedicated to each area of Oman like Salalah, Muscat, wadis, deserts and the Sur coastline. The kids will learn to identify the names, sizes, colors of the wonderful marine creatures of Omani waters and landscape.

The workshops also include:

  • Sensory activities (4-6 years)
  • Recycled activities (7-10 years)

Where you can use your creativity at Marine Life Crafty Games. Spend the day taking part in various fun-filled activities like creating colorful fishes, octopus and more using recycled materials. Convert plastic bottles and other recycled items into works of art!

For little marines with curious minds, we have the “Happy Marine package”, which includes “Cutie Penguins!” and “Shark, Shark, Where’s the Shark?” where kids will receive an extensive workshop on penguins or sharks and learn interesting facts about them.


Virtual Guided Tour

Oman Aquarium offers a unique viewing experience with our virtual guided tour.

School students and those with curious minds and a love for the ocean, can marvel at over 200 species and 30,000 colorful marine animals, including sharks, rays, turtles and penguins virtually.

Join us on a virtual journey, as we give you a tour of over 60 different exhibits of Oman Aquarium, name and identify various species and habitats, and help you learn and grow!

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